Rizu Ogata (Ogata Rizu, 緒方理解) is one of the main female protagonists of the We Never Learn! manga series.

Rizu Ogata


Kanji 緒方理解
Romaji Ogata Rizu
Age 17
Gender Female
Height 143 cm
Hair Color Light Brown
Eye Color Blue
  • Rizurin (Uruka)
  • Ricchan (Furuhashi)
Personal Status
Relatives Rizu's Dad (Father)
Occupation Student
Manga Debut Question 1


Rizu appears as a well-endowed girl who wears glasses. Rizu has light brown hair and blue eyes. She is very short at 143 cm and has the biggest bust size among the female protagonists at F cup, and possibly G when she measured it again in chapter 44.

She has the school uniform which is a half-sleeved or a long-sleeved depending on the seasons. At home when she's working, she wears kimono working attire with an apron that says Ogata Udon.


Ogata although is seen to always have a poker face on, she is capable of showing emotions whenever she's happy or down. A math and science genius since young, she is known as the "clockwork thumbelina". However, she isn't good with reading people's feelings and emotions, thus failing her humanities and not recognizing that she is in love with Nariyuki. From the time she was young she was never satisfied with a vague answer, which she finds humans emotion to be incomprehensible as compared to maths or science, and is oblivious to her surroundings once she's focused on something.

She is also very timid as even though she says doesn't believe in superstition beings, she got scared easily when she watched a horror movie by herself. She also tends to misunderstand things a lot as seen in chapter 37 and chapter 44.



  • "Next time...I want to make Yuiga-san 'delighted'. Not with something weird, but by delivering results," - Rizu Ogata, Question 44. [1]


  • She is shown to be very bad at games, losing to everyone every time
  • She was Yuiga's first kiss and vice versa, though by accident.
  • She has not grown any taller ever since elementary school, always staying at 143cm.



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